HistoryIT will soon launch the Digital Platform Environment, formerly ArchivesTree. All of the features and functionality of ArchivesTree described in this web site will be present in HistoryIT’s Digital Platform Environment.


HistoryIT is web-based archives management software that allows managers of historical archives to easily and efficiently organize, catalog, and share their collections.


Designed and developed by professional historians and archivists, HistoryIT’s platform offers sophisticated, flexible functionality in an easy to use, intuitive format. Streamlined processes are tailored to guide uninitiated volunteers, while providing professional librarians and archivists with the flexibility and functionality they expect from catalog management systems.


Harnessing powerful web technologies, HistoryIT places customizable management and web development tools in the hands of any curator, archivist, historian, or volunteer. Use HistoryIT to organize, analyze, and publish your collections. Share your collections with the world!